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I just want to be a fairy why can’t I just be one why
Anonymous: I just want this guy with me right now, I want his lips against mine and everything but he is so out of my league he is perfect. The thing is there is two guys I like, one I am very sexually attracted to in the sense I want to fuck but cuddle and the other is so sweet and cute I would date him. I'm so confused I want both but I feel attracted to one more than the other which makes me sad because one wants me but the other one doesn't :(

im not sure how to answer this because im not sure which one “wants” you but i can try ????////??/??

date the one who is sweet and you like him obviously because you would DATE him! lust and beauty and sexual attraction fades really quickly if you don’t have a connection with a person. it makes it purely physical (which is 100% cool if that’s what you wanna do) but if you have like STRONGER feelings for the nice boy, he’s the one i would personally go for because it just makes the relationship you have with him not based on looks but on trust and niceness hehe

it’s normal to be attracted to people all the time, i am like all the time!!! but personally never go for someone who i liked because of their appearance, especially seeing as you seem to maybe have a crush on the other nice boy!! feeling comfortable and secure will always last much longer than physical attraction because in my opinion, it can fizz out after a period of time but hopefully what you’re left with is a person who appreciates you inside and out, no matter what you or they look like

Anonymous: i am really fat and i know its stupid to say that but i am and it makes me so sad.

:( i love u and i think you are definitely very beautiful

but i think that being curvy or rounder or softer or whatever has just BECOME a bad thing and because humans seems to see the worst in themselves because we are perfectionists with ourselves and each other we see it to an extreme where our perception of ourself is warped and it’s hard to kind of piece together what you ACTUALLY look like

so what i mean is, you probably aren’t what you see in the mirror or photos, you are so much more than your body IT’S JUST A SHELL FOR PERSONALITIES and its so lame to say that but honestly we are a species that will never find “perfection” because it is different to everyone of us. if you honestly want to change your views on yourself and tone up or lose weight, do it for you. there’s no “secret” eat healthy, walk instead of drive but at the end of the day, nobody loves, TRULY LOVES, ANYONE for what they look like and it’s all about your actions and words

sorry i am rubbish at advice but at least i tried hehe xxxx

Anonymous: do you think you have nice boobs


Anonymous: what wrong

my lips r chapped


lesbian couple on their wedding day after 72 years together, photographed by Thomas Greyer

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